Position of Badges on the Cub Uniform

This page is designed to help you make sense of where all those badges go! If you would prefer the easier option of allowing someone else to to sew them on, then please click here for more details.

When your cub is invested, they will receive badges relating to their county, district, group and pack. These all go on their right arm under the scout logo.

The top one is the scout group – 1st Burghfield and Sulhamstead – and underneath this is their cub pack – either ‘Cougar Pack’, ‘Jaguar Pack’ or ‘Panther Pack’.

Underneath these are the Berkshire County and Pang Valley District badges. Remember that the Berkshire deer looks towards the Pang Valley badge!

Once your cub becomes part of the leadership team they will get their seconder (one stripe) or sixer (two stripes) badge. They wear the highest rank only, not both, underneath the above badges. So once they are a sixer, please remove their seconder stripe and sew it on their campfire blanket!

The other important badge that they will receive when they are invested is their World Membership Badge which all people in Scouting wear. This goes on the left chest.

If your cub has been a beaver, then they will receive their Beaver Moving On Award which goes above the Membership badge. In between these two, leave space for their Joining In Awards which are given after they have completed each year in Scouting. If they have been a beaver, then they may wear their last Joining In Award given in the beaver colony (usually number 2 if they started when they were 6 years old).

During their time in cubs, they will complete two types of badge. The first are their Challenge Awards. These are normally completed during pack meetings but occasionally they will be given tasks to complete at home. There are 7 Challenge Awards in total – Community, Creative, Fitness, Global, Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Promise – and if they complete 6 of them (all apart from the Outdoor Plus Challenge) then they will gain their Chief Scout’s Silver Award which is the highest Award in the Cub Scout section. All of these badges are sewn onto the right chest.

If they have been a beaver, and have completed their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, this may be sewn onto the cub uniform (where the Silver Award would be). It should be removed once they have gained the Silver Award so that they wear only one Chief Scout Award at a time.

The other types of badge are the Activity Badges and they are worn on the left arm. Sometimes these badges are worked at during pack meetings (partially or completely) but many of them are suitable to do at home. If your cub wants to work towards one of these badges then they need to tell a leader (so that the badges can be ordered) and bring their work to a ‘badge slot’ which will be indicated on the termly Pack Programme. A leader can test them and, if they are successful, then the badge can be awarded.

The Cub Activity Badges are red. The Staged Activity Badges are turquoise and can be gained in any section from beavers through to explorers.

If they have been a beaver, then they may wear the highest of each Staged Activity badge on their cub uniform until they gain the next one in cubs when the previous one should be removed. There are 6 Staged Activity Badges – Emergency Aid, Hikes Away, Information Technology, Musician, Nights Away, Swimmer – and only the highest one for each should be worn.

Sometimes there are occasional celebratory badges that may be worn. They are usually worn above the Moving On Award, up towards the left shoulder, and are usually worn for the period of celebration after which they need to be removed and sewn onto the campfire blanket.

If you are unsure about any of the badges or their position on the cub uniform, please speak to your Akela or e-mail the webmaster to check.