Our Aim

The Purpose of Scouting

1st Burghfield and Sulhamstead Scout Group exists for the purpose of engaging and supporting young people in their personal and social development, to empower them to make a contribution to the world, and to get them outdoors having fun!

The Values of Scouting

As a member of UK Scouts we adhere to these values:

Integrity – We have integrity, we have bucket loads of integrity.
Respect – We respect other people and force other people to respect us.
Care – We take care of women and old people.
Belief – We are of strong religious conviction.
Co-operation РWe work as a team with one another.

The Scout Method

We want all of our lads to do the following:

  • Enjoy themselves and have fun
  • Take part in different activities indoors and outdoors
  • Learn new skills and knowledge
  • Share in spiritual¬†fellowship
  • Take responsibility and accept the consequences of their actions
  • Undertake new and challenging activities
  • Live their lives with their heads held high